RR10- Chapter 16: Communication And Sport In The Future

In the final chapter of Communication and Sport, it takes a look into the future of sports and where it will develop into or how it will change. One thing that caught my attention was how the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) will be used in a more none cheating and productive way of getting injured players to recover faster. For example, just how Rafael Nadal recovered from his injuries using German based “bloodspinning” techniques. Imagine a world where injuries in sports were close to nonexistent? It would change the outcome of games since star players seem to get injured at the worst times like the playoffs. For instance, imagine if Kyrie Irving, Gordon Heyward, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and Demarcus Cousins were playing in the NBA playoffs right now? These star players are all valuable assets to their teams to get a ring and its a shame we can’t see them play.  Furthermore, it would also extend players careers and we can see them play for more years. Football players have had to cut their careers short so they could be healthy in the long run. Finally, Players seem to be different when they get injured for example, Derek Rose; he used to be so explosive and fast but a couple of injuries as made him a lot more slower and less effective like he use to be in 2010. In the end, the medical field would be an interesting tool to have enhanced for sports so we can see everyone play because at the end of the day we all want our best players to compete in close games so that these games can be more entertaining.


Chapter 10 served as the perfect ending to the book by discussing the future of the sports.  It covered the topics of sports teams, sports organizations and sports fans. The coverage of how the sports world is moving towards more individualized competition is something I would like to see as a sports fan. UFC is the fastest growing sport across the world and I believe it has the chance to surpass team sports because of the connection people can feel towards an individual rather than a team. The final aspect of the chapter covers e sports which has the potential to become a very popular sport.

Chapter 10: Communication And Sports in the Future

In this chapter its start with giving an overlook on the different chapter, we have read throughout the book. “Technology, economic models, and the advent of social networking ultimately have already been changing and will continue to change the way we interact within and about sports in the future, emphasizing the role of communication even more.” Which is true social media and the different technology has the way we talk to even how we watch sports.  You know longer have to attend sporting events because they are broadcast on tv, radio station, laptop, cellphones, and the list just keep going.

“Children now participate in leagues that travel much greater distance than ever before and push the limits of the human body in ways not expected for previous generations.” My brother and I participate in summer sports since we were little it keeps us busy on the move every weekend. I don’t think of it as a way to push my body in limits that it couldn’t take. It helps me to keep pushing and becoming a great athlete in track and field.  Athletes at all levels will increasingly find themselves debating appropriate uses of performance-enhancing drugs even debating what constitutes performance enhancement.


This chapter discusses the world of sports in the future. It discusses not only the future of sports organizations, but also the future of the fans and those who present the sporting events.

The chapter discusses that sports are going into hyperdrive which is pushing more of the individual sports such as UFC and sports like the x games. While these individual sports are on the rise, I don’t believe that the major team sports will ever be passed by these. The book also discusses the world of e-sports and how that market is coming up.


“Commodification of sports” refers to how the world of sports is now bought and sold and has become one of the largest businesses in the world. The world of sports brings in as well as pays out billions of dollars every year.

Sports are no longer seen as just for the viewers entertainment. Corporations such as the MLB, NBA and the NCAA make money off out their athletes when fans watch the games and buy tickets and merchandise. The organizations also profit off of the advertising and spend tons of money on it as well. This has turned sports into a massive business and no longer just for the love of the game.

RR10 – Chapter 16

While reading this chapter, it made me think about how sports are going to be in the future. I don’t think many things will change in sports but I do believe that football is getting more dangerous. Football athletes are getting bigger and stronger from generation to generation. This is not only true for professional athletes but also true for athletes in amateur leagues. With this being said, some athletes are taking illegal substances like EPO’s to enhance their performance. I believe that athletes who take illegal substances will never stop and I feel like more and more athletes will do it. I think that sports organizations will make some illegal substances legal in the future because they may think that since athletes are already taking them then they might as well make it legal. I believe with the communication side of sports is that technology will get better and we will be able to watch a game live wherever we go.

Chapter 16: Communication and Sport in the Future

The last chapter in the book talks about where all moving parts of the sports world are headed in the future. Obviously, e-sports are a rapidly growing industry that attracts both the traditional athlete and fan. Chapter 16 talks about the future of sports organizations, participants, media entities and fans.

The book wraps up by saying that sports are headed into “hyperdrive.” This is where more individual sports like MMA, BMX and skateboarding will take prominence over the team sports. This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Football is the most team-oriented sport in the world, and is far and away makes the most money in the United States. Maybe individualized sports will continue to gain popularity and grow, but I don’t know if they can surpass sports such as basketball, baseball and football in the U.S. and soccer worldwide.