About Me

My name is Connor Clark, I just turned 20 years old and was born in the small town of Cumming, Georgia. Being from Georgia means I am 100% a ride or die Atlanta Falcons fan, I’ve been going to games since I was old enough to say dirty birds. I’m a freshman at Piedmont College and am currently majoring in Sports Communication due to my profound interest in sporting events and activities. I love traveling and hope to continue to do so throughout my life, there’s too much world out there to stay in one place. I keep to myself to stay focused on my goals but am also very outgoing in a social setting because I understand how important a network is in mass communications.

I played football from kindergarten through high school along with soccer and baseball but only continuing to play football in high school so I could focus more on my school workload. I have a tremendous respect and understanding of football, I know how things work and enjoy watching my in game predictions pan out in front of my eyes aside from my failed predictions, mainly one, The Super Bowl but thats a conversation for a different time. I plan on leaning mostly towards a career in that area, Piedmont has helped me meet a lot of people with the same interests and ideas which has me excited to see what the future holds.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Awesome to learn more about you, Connor. Sorry about the Falcons this year. I’ll be sure to hold you to a Superbowl prediction, though.


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