Chapter 2- Community in sports

Hello, in chapter 2 of the Communication and Sport book, the author has described four different roles of players in a sports community. These four roles are described as participants, fans, entities, and organizations.

the first player would be considered the participant. Talks about participants in different ways, as in intramurals all the way up to professional athletes. a little example of a participant is, right now I am a college athlete, I would be considered an Amature athlete right now because I got a scholarship to come to this school to study and play baseball.

The second player is described as the organizations. This certain area starts up at recreational parks such as in my hometown, Midway Park, all the way up to the big stage at, Yankee Stadium, Recreational parks are organized and unorganized at the same time but when it comes to big league parks, it’s always an organized scene. Beautiful.

The third player as the book would say is the media entities. As this player, there are three “jobs” such as hybrid, visibility, and production. A hybrid player is somewhat of a combo of both the other players, but as it does its own stuff as well. The visibility would be someone such as a radio host or someone such as a commentator on an MLB or NFL game. And lastly is the production, and the production is pretty much self-explanatory.

And the last player of them all is the Fan. The fan is, what I think is, the most important thing to a sports player. I say this because fans are a part of the reason you make a bunch of money. Selling out stadiums and buying you’re jerseys or even giving the fans autographs are reasons why fans keep sticking around.

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