Chapter 5: Sports and Mythology

Chapter 5 discusses the different ways myths and heroes are perceived in sports and how fans respect these myths and heroes.  The chapter defines how fans believe in certain myths regarding the way fans approach sports like baseball.  Cooperstown is listed as an example of how baseball was started there and is now where the baseball hall of fame is.  People travel from all over the country just to come see the hall of fame.

Chapter 5 also covers how the fans sometimes portray their favorite players as heroes even though the players are only human.  The players are thought of as heroes if they make a good catch in football or hit a home run in baseball.  The chapter also talks about the downside of fans labeling players as heroes.  The author uses the example of Michael Vick and how he was a great player, but was caught having illegal dog fighting events.  This made him look a lot less heroic.  When this happens the players may not bounce back from these types of situations.  This chapter discusses how the beliefs fans have regarding players as heroes whether they are or not.

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