Chapter 5 sports and mythology

Chapter 5 talks about sports and mythology, but first, let’s talk about the mythology part of the chapter.

Firstly, Cooperstown, New York is considered to be the “birthplace” of the great game of baseball. But as we see in many sources and etc. this shows that Cooperstown is somewhat a “hoax.” Abner Doubleday was said to be the founder of baseball in the summer of 1839 but we come to a conclusion that he was not the founder of baseball and that Cooperstown is not the birthplace of my favorite game of Baseball.

Secondly, Many sports fans see sports athletes as “heroes” for example, my cousin is a freshman in high school and sees the Georgia Bulldogs QB1 as his “hero” and every time Jake Fromm does something inspirational, my cousin decides to try and be like him. Some heroes can turn into “villains” in a second. Michael Vick is used as an example in the book and he was a huge hero here in Atlanta and then once he did the illegal dog fighting he became a hated person.

In conclusion of this paper, Myths are in sports to intrigue fans that certain stuff really happened. Neither do we know if anything is really true or not.

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