chapter 5 response

Chapter 5 is about the importance of mythology or the myths of sports. Mythology plays a big role in sports, because it sends out messages to ones who enjoy sports. For example, Babe Ruth’s alleged “called shot” during the 1932 World Series and pointed to a spot where he knew that he was going to hit a home-run. some people didn’t believe it happened but others today still do believe it happened and took as a inspiration to help them follow their dreams.

Ritual is a important element in the enactment of sports mythology. Formal rituals makes the community have an alternate social world in everyday life.  The book ‘Huskerville” the story of Nebraska football talks about how the fans of the football team have rituals, physical and symbolic expressions in the rural values to make the team more successful. Communal is another sort of ritual that emphasize unity in ways that diminish the significance of differences and inequities. An example of this is, when Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf of New Orleans Saints struggled to recover economically and socially. The New Orleans Saints became a vehicle performing rituals designed to rehabilitate of the Louisiana  Superdome.

With mythic stories, ritual performances, celebration of heroes, and use of religious metaphors it is clear that sports is always depending on mythology for their communicative power.


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