Chapter 6 Gender in Sports

This chapter does a real good job in covering how women in sports have been treated over the years. It goes into great detail on the problems women had to over come while playing in sports. Such problems as not being treated the same as men even though they play the same game. They are also faced with being stereotyped like they are not as good as men in sports. Women have not always got the same recognition as men in sports. Probably the biggest problem is tha women have not been paid the same amount as men who are doing the same sport they are doing. But the chapter also goes over how over time women athelets are beginning to receive more and more recognition,money,and popularity. And women are becoming more of a household name like men are. Gender in sport may still have along way to go as fair as women being on the same level as men but with help from former women athletes maybe the future will be better for the young girls who want to became professional athletes.

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