Chapter 6 reading response

Chapter 6 of the book talks about women and how they have evolved in sports and their coverage in sports and how it relates to men’s sports.The chapter also talks about how women don’t get treated equally as men do, such as how women don’t get paid the same and scholarships are way different for women’s sports and men’s sports.

Women sports are often sought out as somewhat of “boring” to watch. I personally agree that female athletes don’t make as much money because of the publicity in women sports. They do not get the same advertising and showtime as such men sports. As well as sports media, they do not get equal media time as men and that could possibly be a reason why they don’t make as much bank.

Billy Jean King is an example of a woman who fought for girls and got them to be involved in sports today. She was a world champion tennis player and as many people have said, she was a very strong lady and a great sports competitor.

Ending this I would like to say one more thing. As a collegiate athlete myself, I couldn’t agree more that women should be able to participate in the same sports as men. If a girl would like to play baseball and is good enough to help us win, then by god she should be out there on that field and help Piedmont bring in a win.

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