racism in sports

Chapter 7 explains race and the ethnicity in sports. One of the most definent examples of segregation in sports is within the sport of baseball and basketball. During the 1800’s, baseball has been considered America’s pastime. However, in the past, baseball was a completely white sport. Up until the 50’s, the first professional negro league wasn’t established until 1951 with the Indianapolis Negro Professional League. Jackie Robinson became a hero to many in 1947 when he joined the Dodgers Major League club, where he also became Rookie of the Year.

Racism is still here today in sports. It doesn’t really show up that much but appears too much in social media. In the game it happens and outside of the games. Collin Kaepernick QB for the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the National Banner making statement to the police brutalities for African-Americans. He wasn’t disrespecting anyone of any kind, but letting people know these harmful things needs to stop.

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