Chapter 15: Sports Gaming

What makes fantasy sports a draw for millions of Americans are the ties to communications that are often included in e-mails related to the good or bad performance of the fantasy sports team. In 1979 fantasy sports evolution when a group of New Yorkers led by writer Daniel Okrent. They develop a more sophisticated of fantasy baseball called rotisserie.” In 2013, 35 million North American played fantasy sports, with $3 billion spent annually on the activity.”

Fantasy Sports its started with drafting team and following the entire season now its a daily gaming changes the equation by having people redraft or reselect player continually throughout the season. The rise of daily fantasy play offers a new angle in which to explore sports gaming. Fantasy sports have changed the way media entities conduct their business. By the time a person reaches 21, an average person has spent more hours playing video games than they have spent in the classroom. My little brother spends all his free time playing video games. He doesn’t even go outside anymore he would rather play the game and sleep. All sporting video have a new game that comes out every year.

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