RR – Chapter 15

While reading chapter 15, the section I thought was interesting was sports video games. This was interesting to me because the video game companies make the games like it is real life. For example, the games graphics are high quality and the game itself looks real and the players that are in the game are the same players that are on the teams in real life. By having sports video games, fans will be more engaged in sports and will have more of a drive to watch and support their team in real life. Video games is also a great way to advertise sports and athletes. For example, the athlete that is put on the front cover of the video game is getting recognition. Video games can lead to fantasy sports like FanDuel, where people make a team roster and if their team wins they get money. This is another great way to get fans interacting in sports because they are more likely to watch the game in excitement and have more of a purpose to watch the game. This chapter was interesting to me because it is interesting how technology can change the way fans look at sports.

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