Chapter 15

The most interesting part of chapter 15 was the section on sports video games.  Video games are an enormous business and continue to grow everyday.  With the advances in technology the creators of these games have been able to make them as realistic as possible.  The games have high quality graphics and use the real players from the actual sports world.  They can even make the players movements look how they do in real life.  Sports video games really help the sports world by allowing fans to interact with their favorite players and teams through the games.  The games are also a way to boost popularity of a player, team, or sport.  Every sports video game has a player on the cover of the game which can lead to that player or their team having an increased popularity through the game.  The growing technology has allowed fans to heavily interact with their favorite teams and players.  The other side of sports gaming is the fantasy side of sports.  With this the players of the fantasy sports interact with players and teams by investing money in them and hoping to win and receive the reward.  Fantasy sports are very popular and don’t necessarily have to involve money.  The world of sports gaming is a very popular field and will continue to grow over time.

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