RR8 – CH. 15

The first major discovery I made while reading chapter 15 was the fact that fantasy football is was over 40 years old. Personally, I believed it to be only about 10-15 years old.   My next realization was the fact that the number of players for online sports gambling sites was a lot higher than they want you to believe. And most of the people lose a lot of money rather than win, like they advertise. The companies executives don’t believe their sites to be gambling but claim them to be purely “entertainment.” However, sites like these, where real money is involved and it does not require all skill, should be considered gambling.

Another development seen over the past years has been the rise of sports games. Games such as FIFA and 2K have taken over the sports world while Call of Duty and Halo took over the world of E-Gaming. However, controversy hit the industry over the use of real names and faces being used in the games. EA sports, in turn, stopped the production of NCAA football since 2014 due to the controversies. For fans of the game, hopefully the issues get resolved and the game is proceeded once again.

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