Chapter 14: The commodification of Sport

Commodification refers to the process by which capitalism transforms objects from their natural purpose to objects that are “for sale”.  Sports media from ESPN to Sports Illustrated reported the story and used it to frame a familiar sports narrative about inspiration and overcoming adversity. Sports is more commonly viewed as a form of entertainment or escape. College football among the most popular and profitable sports in the United States. It draws a large television audience, produces millions of dollars, and generates considerable enthusiasm on college and university campus across the country.This year when Georgia was in the championship game all places was pack just to watch the game. The championship ticket starting at $1,909 for the game in Atlanta, Ga the rose bowl ticket against Iowa vs. Stanford on Jan 1, 2016, started at $627. A lot of people are even willing to spend more to have field side sit at games.

Sponsorship is about more than companies purchasing space or time to advertise their products and services. A commercial presence has always been a part of sports, critics are concerned that the breadth of sponsorship has negative effects on sporting events and those who watch them. Commodification in sports often functions to sell if not actual people imagery of people and cultures.


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