Chapter 9

Chapter 9 deals with the performing identity in sports. To be specific the identities of gender, race, and disabilities.  The books definition of performance has nothing to do with athletic ability , but how something is represented.  So to be specific this chapter is about how gender, sexuality, race, and disabilities are represented in sports.  To me this is a bit confusing. Why not just name the chapter “representation of identities in sports”. But i guess that would make to much sense. This is just another example of the author over doing it in terms of presenting facts. Its a book about sports, stop trying to be philosophical and be straight and to the point. Any who in my opinion it is hard to summarize the identity of so a large topic.  The word identity is such a intriguing word, and is best understood when talking about an individual, not a large group. I did like the addition of the paraplegic athletes. Para sports have made strides to become a thing of note in sports today. Its truly a great story, and a good cause. Today disabled athletes have so many more opportunities to play the sports they love , something that wasn’t possible in the past.

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