Reading Response 8

Before reading this chapter, I had no idea how much money people actually put at stake when it comes to playing fantasy sports. I also did not know how many people used online sites for fantasy sports. The companies like “Fan Duel” and Draft Kings” are quick to show how much money some people have won, but they will not show you how much money so many people have lost. They also don’t tell you the number of people who lose money. The companies swear on their graves that their sites are purely for entertainment, but any game that involves money and no skill-based matches is clearly gambling,

Online sports console gaming has been on the rise in the past few years. E-sports as they call it. While traditionally e-sports was strictly related to shooting games with HALO being e-sports origin, and Call of Duty it’s catalyst, actual sports games have taken over. Competitive tournaments of games such as 2K and Madden are now becoming increasingly popular.

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