RR – Chapter 14

In chapter 14, it was interesting thinking about how sporting events make money and wondering if sports still exist because of money. Sports is a form of entertainment but it is also a business and a market. Without money, sports would not exist today. For example, new baseball stadiums are built to bring more people to the games which means that the ticket prices will go up. The bad thing about this method of making money is that fewer fans will show up over time. Money is important in sports because the team has to have money to buy equipment and needs money to travel. Money is also important because the athletes need to get paid and the players get paid millions of dollars. While reading this chapter I kept thinking about if athletes play sports just for the money or do they play because they enjoy it? I feel like now and days there is so much money that athletes are playing to make a living over actually enjoying the game. Team owners will do anything to make more money and sports today is very expensive.

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