To make Chapter 9 much more simple than the “Commodification of Sports,” it covers the idea of how sports has become bought and sold, when it was never really intended for such use. Sports is a huge revenue for participants as well as a number of different companies that each have a different investment in sports.

Rather than sports being viewed as simply entertainment, it has now become a business. Organizations like the NCAA profit from their athletes by charging high ticket prices to watch the events. The same goes for organizations like the NBA or NFL, that market their games to large audience across the country and sometimes even the world.

With the large network of audience comes yet another revenue source comes to light. The advertising, that companies from all around the globe perform, is one of the top revenue generators. For example, 30 second ads during the super bowl cost over 1 million dollars. However, companies believe it is worth the money for the kind of exposure it generates.

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