Sports Gambling

There’s no doubt that sports gambling, and fantasy sports are giant staples in today’s society. Until recently i had no idea how controversial fantasy betting  really was. I truly thought that websites like FanDuel and Draft Kings were just places were you can have the fun of playing fantasy sports and maybe when some money. Occasionally i heard of people winning good money but nothing serious. Little did i know that these sites are on the verge of being illegal. Barley squeaking by congressional legislation that would make their operation illegal in the united states. I also had no idea that people take it so seriously that they use computer algorithms and similar tactics to gain an advantage.  People actually play these gaming sites as an occupation, betting thousands of dollars every day. Its unbelievable, the games i thought that were for fun are actually what put food on the table for some people. In my opinion though dangerous , sports gambling should not be illegal in the U.S. A person should be entitled to spend their money anyway they seem fit, because its their money. Granted gambling can be an addiction, and ruin lives, but its a constitutional right. Thats right, i believe it unconstitutional for the government to pass legislation that has to do with sports gambling.

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