RR9- Chapter 14: The Commodification of Sport

Chapter 14 “Commodification of Sport” covers how sports have become big investments for companies seeking to make more money. Sports has entertained us sports fans for as long as I can remember and people are willing to spend any amount of money to be entertained. Just think how much people spend to watch pay per view boxing events and it all makes sense.

In this day in age companies are spending Advertisements for the Super bowl and they run at 1 million dollars per 30 seconds. It takes money to make money, and the companies that advertise themselves believe it is worth the cost. Another example is when sports teams decide to get a new stadium. Take the Atlanta Braves with their new SunTrust Park. They moved to this new stadium to be closer to the public outings and to collaborate so they can both make more money.

Sport is, and nearly always has been, a money-making market enterprise. In spite of that, there are consequences to the extensive marketing, sponsorship, and product placements that are ubiquitous in sport. In conclusion, money is a huge contribution to sports but should not be the only factor; instead it should be focused around one major factor. It’s all about the game and the enjoyment we get from it.


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