Chapter 10: Communication And Sports in the Future

In this chapter its start with giving an overlook on the different chapter, we have read throughout the book. “Technology, economic models, and the advent of social networking ultimately have already been changing and will continue to change the way we interact within and about sports in the future, emphasizing the role of communication even more.” Which is true social media and the different technology has the way we talk to even how we watch sports.  You know longer have to attend sporting events because they are broadcast on tv, radio station, laptop, cellphones, and the list just keep going.

“Children now participate in leagues that travel much greater distance than ever before and push the limits of the human body in ways not expected for previous generations.” My brother and I participate in summer sports since we were little it keeps us busy on the move every weekend. I don’t think of it as a way to push my body in limits that it couldn’t take. It helps me to keep pushing and becoming a great athlete in track and field.  Athletes at all levels will increasingly find themselves debating appropriate uses of performance-enhancing drugs even debating what constitutes performance enhancement.

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