RR10- Chapter 16: Communication And Sport In The Future

In the final chapter of Communication and Sport, it takes a look into the future of sports and where it will develop into or how it will change. One thing that caught my attention was how the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) will be used in a more none cheating and productive way of getting injured players to recover faster. For example, just how Rafael Nadal recovered from his injuries using German based “bloodspinning” techniques. Imagine a world where injuries in sports were close to nonexistent? It would change the outcome of games since star players seem to get injured at the worst times like the playoffs. For instance, imagine if Kyrie Irving, Gordon Heyward, Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and Demarcus Cousins were playing in the NBA playoffs right now? These star players are all valuable assets to their teams to get a ring and its a shame we can’t see them play.  Furthermore, it would also extend players careers and we can see them play for more years. Football players have had to cut their careers short so they could be healthy in the long run. Finally, Players seem to be different when they get injured for example, Derek Rose; he used to be so explosive and fast but a couple of injuries as made him a lot more slower and less effective like he use to be in 2010. In the end, the medical field would be an interesting tool to have enhanced for sports so we can see everyone play because at the end of the day we all want our best players to compete in close games so that these games can be more entertaining.

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