RR10 – Chapter 16

While reading this chapter, it made me think about how sports are going to be in the future. I don’t think many things will change in sports but I do believe that football is getting more dangerous. Football athletes are getting bigger and stronger from generation to generation. This is not only true for professional athletes but also true for athletes in amateur leagues. With this being said, some athletes are taking illegal substances like EPO’s to enhance their performance. I believe that athletes who take illegal substances will never stop and I feel like more and more athletes will do it. I think that sports organizations will make some illegal substances legal in the future because they may think that since athletes are already taking them then they might as well make it legal. I believe with the communication side of sports is that technology will get better and we will be able to watch a game live wherever we go.

RR – Chapter 14

In chapter 14, it was interesting thinking about how sporting events make money and wondering if sports still exist because of money. Sports is a form of entertainment but it is also a business and a market. Without money, sports would not exist today. For example, new baseball stadiums are built to bring more people to the games which means that the ticket prices will go up. The bad thing about this method of making money is that fewer fans will show up over time. Money is important in sports because the team has to have money to buy equipment and needs money to travel. Money is also important because the athletes need to get paid and the players get paid millions of dollars. While reading this chapter I kept thinking about if athletes play sports just for the money or do they play because they enjoy it? I feel like now and days there is so much money that athletes are playing to make a living over actually enjoying the game. Team owners will do anything to make more money and sports today is very expensive.

RR – Chapter 15

While reading chapter 15, the section I thought was interesting was sports video games. This was interesting to me because the video game companies make the games like it is real life. For example, the games graphics are high quality and the game itself looks real and the players that are in the game are the same players that are on the teams in real life. By having sports video games, fans will be more engaged in sports and will have more of a drive to watch and support their team in real life. Video games is also a great way to advertise sports and athletes. For example, the athlete that is put on the front cover of the video game is getting recognition. Video games can lead to fantasy sports like FanDuel, where people make a team roster and if their team wins they get money. This is another great way to get fans interacting in sports because they are more likely to watch the game in excitement and have more of a purpose to watch the game. This chapter was interesting to me because it is interesting how technology can change the way fans look at sports.

RR7 – Chapter 8

While reading chapter 8, it made me think about how politics is related to sports and how we see politics in sports every time we watch a sporting event. From my own personal experience, when I watch a football game or any sporting event, they play the national anthem and have a huge American flag in the middle of the field. The representation of the national anthem is respect for our country and to honor our military. After the national anthem is played, jets fly over the field. Unfortunately, in today’s society, athletes are rejecting politics in sports and the way we add America into sports. For example, Colin Kaepernick kneeled when the national anthem was being played, which is a sign of disrespect to America. After this occurred, the NFL has not been the same. More players are kneeling for the national anthem and fans are not happy about it. Not only are professional athletes kneeling for the national anthem, but high school and college’s are as well. This is a great example of how politics is played into sports and how one mess up can ruin a society. This chapter made me think about how our country is based around sports and how important politics is.

RR6 – Chapter 7

While reading chapter 7 in the book, “Communication and Sport,” one of the first things that I thought was interesting is how different it is with different ethnicities playing sports. Back in the early 1900’s, blacks could not play with the whites because they were racially segregated. I thought it was interesting how one person like Jackie Robinson can change the world and break the color barrier. After Jackie Robinson won the National League Most Valuable Player award, it showed that black players can play at the professional level.

The second point I thought was interesting in this chapter was how much our society stereotypes a race based on sports. For example, if you are watching a track meet, you will most likely see blacks in the sprinting events. If you are watching swimming, you will most likely see whites competing. This is where the problem of stereotypes come into play. According to the book, “Black Americans are, on a whole, less likely to be skilled in swimming than White Americans, yet this is not because of any limitation of their race but rather the cultural implications of their racial history.” I agree with this because in my own experience, Kenyans in running are naturally faster, not because they are Kenyan but because of their cultural background.

I thought this chapter was interesting because race and ethnicity is a topic that America and the world has always struggled with. In today’s sports every race and ethnicity is allowed to play sports and compete at the professional level, and that’s what matters.

RR5 – Chapter 6

While reading chapter 6, Gender in Sport, the topic about Title IX stood out to me and is relevant today. Title IX is an Education Amendment of 1972 that was turned into a law and according to the book the law states, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” This law is important today with college athletes because not every school has the same sports that would be available to other schools. For example, some colleges do not have a Men’s Cross Country team and vise versa. One of the issues with Title IX is that athletes will want to go to a school for education and sports but the school will not have the sport. In my personal experience with trying to find a college that had a good education and athletics, most of the schools I looked at did not have a cross country team because of Title IX. In my opinion I think Title IX is good because it gives both genders equality to play a sport.

RR4 Chapter 3 – Sports Media

Reading this chapter made me think about how we as a society communicate sports through social media. Social media has had a huge impact of communication on sports. Every thing that happens in a sporting event is covered to almost every social media platform, with Facebook being the largest. Now and days, not only do fans communicate to each other, but athletes are communicating to fans about how the game went or news about sports. I agree with the book when it talks about how social media can have a positive and negative impact on people or teams. For example, with Twitter, the platform is set up to where people can say what they have to say. To me, Twitter can be a place where drama happens and things could get ugly with players and fans. However, Twitter is a great tool to receive news and special highlights. For me it is helpful because I don’t get the chance to watch television often, so having social media is helpful for when I want to get caught up on news. Social media is a great tool for sports because millions of people use social media and it allows for athletes to communicate with the community. Athletes do not usually, or don’t get the chance to talk to fans one-on-one, so having platforms like Twitter make it easier for fans to reach out to their teams and athletes.