Chapter 6 Gender In Sports

This chapter talks a lot about how women in sports have faced a lot of adversity. They have gone through many problems like being treated very differently than their male counterparts even if they play the same sport. Womens sports do not have anywhere near the coverage that male sports get. Many women are upset about this but the real reason is purely money. Mens sports at the moment just make a lot more money then womens sports so it makes sense that more events are televised.The two most viewed female sporting events in the world are the Olympics and the Kentucky Derby. Title 9 was big for female sports in college. Most big schools have football teams which account for many male athletic scholarships so this allows for many schools to have a wide variety of female sports. Title 9 made it so that schools had to have the same amount of athletic scholarships for male and female athletes.

About Me

My name is Chris Hadlow and I am a sophomore Mass Communications major here at Piedmont College. I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. I have played sports pretty much all of my life and tried them all. The two main sports that stuck with me are hockey and lacrosse. I play lacrosse here at Piedmont and I love it. sports commEven though I never actually got the chance to play contact football growing up, my favorite sport to watch is football. My favorite team is the Florida Gators because my dad went their and I basically had not choice because I was almost forced to be a fan. Playing sports has allowed me to do so much in life that otherwise would not have been possible. I was able to travel all across the United States and even Canada. Sports have showed me the value of being a team player and sacrificing yourself for the better of others.

I hope that in this class I can learn more about the behind the scenes part of sports and how it all happens. It will give me a new insight into sports that I would have never thought of.