Sports Gambling

Sports fantasy leagues have changed the way we view sports as a whole. Nowadays people dedicate there lives to fanatsy sports. One of my favorite Tv shows ever was about Fantasy Football it was called “The League.”  The League shows the social impact fantasy sports leagues have on our lives during the modern era of sports. It shows that fantasy sports aren’t only about money but about the intercompetition between friends. Fantasy sports have changed the lives of many people for the better and have made the world better as a whole.

RR6: Chapter 7

Race has always been a huge issue in the United States dating back to the founding of our country. Race issues are no different in sports.

Ethnicity and race are closely related but contrary to popular belief, but they should not be regarded as an interchangeable term. Ethnicity refers to one’s heritage, and race often gets referred to as skin color but is actually race is your physical characteristics.

Black athletes in the early 1900’s participated in organized sports leagues called “negro leagues”. But blacks were not allowed to play in white leagues. That was until Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947. A fair share of his own teammates and fan’s believed that racial integration was wrong. Despite the critics by 1948, several other black athletes joined the MLB.  Nevertheless, it took until 1959 that every MLB team was racially integrated.

Activism became prominent in black athletes in the 1960’s and 1970’s. One of the most prominent examples of Black activism was the Black Power salute in the 1968 Mexico City Games.  Tommie Smith and John Carlos received their metals and brought attention to Black heritage. The two athletes brought attention to Black poverty, Black pride, Black lynchings, and the most prominent gesture the fist to the sky symbolizing black pride.

In many professional sports leagues, there almost always a dominating race within the sport. The MLB is a lopsided 61% White, with the next predominate race at 27% being Latino. The NBA is predominantly Black at 78%, and the next race is white at 18%. The NFL is also predominantly Black at 67%, and the next race is white at 31%. Why is there a more predominate race in each league?

In conclusion, race has always been a huge issue, is currently an issue, and will always be an issue in sports and culture.  Race should not be a current issue in sports anymore, sports have no color.

Chapter 6 Women in sports

Chp 6 talks about a very controversial topic of women in sports. Women in sports are not as much of an issue in today’s world as it was in the 1960s and early 1970s. I believe in 20 years women in sports will see a more progressive change.

A huge issue is should women ” should women be allowed the same opportunity in sports as men?” I believe they should have the same opportunity as men because of title XI. Women have the same opportunities as men other than in pay than sports.


Chapter 3 reflection

Chapter 3 talks about five media outlets sports and traditional outlets, sport and new meeting, sport and social media, sport and user-generated media.

Sports and traditional media talk about the networks that sports are broadcasted on. This part of the chapter introduces that traditional media is still the most dominant form of media in sports. Also, introduces the fact that television has taken away many jobs for reporters and analytics personnel.

Sport and New Media talks about how the web traffic can be larger than the ratings on tv for some games. has 94.4 million monthly users during football season. New media is more of a niche market because the new media outlets are owned by a conglomerate in the media. The media also attend various media days such as SEC media day which is held in Alabama every spring. SEC media day used to media a three-day event now they expanded it to four days. Another thing new media has done is broke stories such as Manti Teo’s, fake girlfriend in 2012

Sport and Social Media refers to outlets such as Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook. 10 years ago there were no sports outlets on social media. Bleacher report is one of the largest social media outlets, it has 60 million monthly viewers. Social media now also doesn’t just allow you to get sports talk or stats, you also get insight into your favorite player’s lives. Social media is a whole new ball game and I am excited to see what the future holds for social media.

Sport and user-generated media, refer to streaming services such as youtube red, Vimeo, and BuzzFeed. There are 1 billion people streaming online sports. Other user-generated media such as Tumblr and vine that are 6 seconds videos.

Chp 5. Sports and Mythology​

Sport and Mythology have always been underdog narraitve stories, such as “David Vs Goliath” match-up. Mythology has been in sports terms forever the term Achillies heel is from an acient greek myth. Also, the Midas touch is a refrence to King Midas because everything he touched turned to gold.

The book uses baseball as the example of sports defining moments, Talking about how to the national pastime has a Hall of Fame location in Cooperstown, NY. The creation of Cooperstown New York was acredited to Albert Spalding. The book also talks about sport myths like when Babe called his homerun in the 1932 world series. The book also refrences when Tiger Woods, won the U.S. Open in a 18 hole play off with a torn acl it was mircalous. I actually rember watching this it was at Torrey Pines a course where Tiger has won 8 times in his carrer. He is actually making his 2018 season debut this week at Torrey.

The book talks about Heros in sports, sometimes we view sports heroes as gods but we dont rlize they are human as well. I belive that atheltes are celeberties beore they are heroes. Like OBJ he has such a large following on Twitter and Instagram he is more of a celebrity he hangs out with drake and other rappers. The book also talks about one of my all time favorite quaterbacks Micheal Vick. It shows that all athletes are human to.

Chapter 2 reflection

Chapter 2 talks about four players in sport. Player number one The Participant this refers to almost everybody. Anybody with a mandatory physical education class. Also includes others who have played in leagues such an AAU league or YMCA league. Or even just a spontaneous game of catch with your dad includes you in the community in sport. The participant is normally referring to children but you can be a participant in some sports no matter your age.

The second player refers who play in sports organizations such as the USSA and AAU leagues. This does not refer to the player that just casually plays a sport. Nor does this refer to the person that goes to the gym and exercises. These organization works with local rec centers and also parks to reserve fields and gym space for teams.

The third player refers to how sports have been talked about in the media. One of the many “players” in the media are commentators like Joe Buck, and Vin Scully. Commentators are well known and beloved by fans. One of the other jobs in media is the production side. One of the “players” on the production side is a sports photographer. There are now “Hybrid jobs” in sports media, as a member of the media you are not expected to be just a member of one platform.

The fourth player is the fan. If it wasn’t for the fans there would be pro sports organizations. Being a fan brings people together in no other way.

Chapter 1 summary

Chapter one is summary of what is going to happen thru out the book. It references every chapter in the book. Some topics include the impact sports have in the world, sports in the news. Social media is also a huge part of this book as it is one of the largest aspects of life. We will discuss, all of those topics at a later date.

This chapter talks about how sports have affected politics. Wheater or not that we want to say it. This chapter also shows how social media. Social media  can make a large political statement about sports

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My name is Christian Payne and I am a freshman at Piedmont college. I am a business major but am interested in the new sports communication major. I am from Forsyth County, Georgia and sports have been a huge part of my life. Wheather it was playing team sports or watching sports I have always loved sports. I played baseball and football for 10 years and I now play golf. I have played golf tournaments competitively for 6 years now and also play at Piedmont. My favorite sport to watch is football I prefer the NFL and I am a huge Falcons fan.

I have always enjoyed watching sports. I have always watched the Falcons, Hawks, and the Braves. I also enjoy going to sporting events. I have been to the new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta where the Falcons play I have been twice it was a really fun experience both times.  I like watching the Hawks and like watching basketball before baseball. I feel like baseball games take a long time. I enjoy going to Philips Arena to watch the Hawks play.

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf and playing video games. I also enjoy watching YouTube videos and also watching Netflix. Some of my favorite things to watch on Netflix are ESPN 30 for 30s.