Sports Gambling

There’s no doubt that sports gambling, and fantasy sports are giant staples in today’s society. Until recently i had no idea how controversial fantasy betting  really was. I truly thought that websites like FanDuel and Draft Kings were just places were you can have the fun of playing fantasy sports and maybe when some money. Occasionally i heard of people winning good money but nothing serious. Little did i know that these sites are on the verge of being illegal. Barley squeaking by congressional legislation that would make their operation illegal in the united states. I also had no idea that people take it so seriously that they use computer algorithms and similar tactics to gain an advantage.  People actually play these gaming sites as an occupation, betting thousands of dollars every day. Its unbelievable, the games i thought that were for fun are actually what put food on the table for some people. In my opinion though dangerous , sports gambling should not be illegal in the U.S. A person should be entitled to spend their money anyway they seem fit, because its their money. Granted gambling can be an addiction, and ruin lives, but its a constitutional right. Thats right, i believe it unconstitutional for the government to pass legislation that has to do with sports gambling.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 deals with the performing identity in sports. To be specific the identities of gender, race, and disabilities.  The books definition of performance has nothing to do with athletic ability , but how something is represented.  So to be specific this chapter is about how gender, sexuality, race, and disabilities are represented in sports.  To me this is a bit confusing. Why not just name the chapter “representation of identities in sports”. But i guess that would make to much sense. This is just another example of the author over doing it in terms of presenting facts. Its a book about sports, stop trying to be philosophical and be straight and to the point. Any who in my opinion it is hard to summarize the identity of so a large topic.  The word identity is such a intriguing word, and is best understood when talking about an individual, not a large group. I did like the addition of the paraplegic athletes. Para sports have made strides to become a thing of note in sports today. Its truly a great story, and a good cause. Today disabled athletes have so many more opportunities to play the sports they love , something that wasn’t possible in the past.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 discusses the topic of race and ethnicity in sports. For a long time our country sports were segregated by race., and none white athletes were not allowed to play in the same leagues as whites. But over time things began to change. Thanks to heros like Jackie Robinson, athletes began to break the color barrier in sports. Thanks to pioneers like him sports became an equal playing field for all races.

Theres alot of problems in our society today, but luckily one them is not sports segregation. Sports today are completely equal to all. Playing a sport is no longer about your color, but about your talent. Today sports are all about money and winning. Teams want the best athlete possible , it doesn’t matter what race you are or what name you call God. Sports in america are one of the most equal things in the world today. Uniforms cover skin color.

Chapter 6 Response

Chapter 6 is about gender in sports. It talks about all the gender stereotypes in sports today as well as the inequality of women’s and mens sports. However the inequality between genders has made a lot of progress over the years. During the first part of the 1900s women weren’t allowed to play sports. Eventually they were incorporated into a few like tennis and golf.  Then made the strides into all sports. Still there were no women’s professional sports,  now their are and for every major sport.  Then came the implication of Title IX. Now in NCAA schools and high schools for every mens sport a school has there must be a women’s as well. Today the major inequality comes with equal pay in professional sports.  Female athletes are upset they dont make as much as men in their respective sports. However unfair , it is almost impossible to have equal pay because female sports do not create enough revenue to pay their athletes what they deserve.  Strides can be made for national teams i believe , pay can become more equal there. Since there is one team and revenue isn’t based on leagues the revenue shouldn’t be that far apart. National athletes should be paid the same no matter the gender.

Response on CH 3

Chapter 3 discusses Sports media and the impact it has on society, and sports in general. Today sports media comes in all shapes and sizes, TV , newspapers, twitter , Instagram.  Sports media has become a very profitable business due to the rise in popularity of professional and college sports. These networks and media outlets can reach their fans whenever and wherever they are. Its sports 24/7. This has had positive and negative impacts in society. Positives are that fans can get sports anytime they want and in any outlet they want from a variety of different sources. Todays fan has access to so much more information than ever before. a negative is sports media can become biased, whether thats politically, regionally or based on a certain sport. Also due to the growth of sports media , many athletes have no privacy and are always under the microscope.People are always in the personal business. But its what the fans demand and the leagues get paid good money to keep the fans happy. In the end everything always comes down to money. Sports media not only generates a lot of money for itself but for the sports and organizations they cover as well.


Chapter five focuses on three main questions. What is a sports myth? What is a sports ritual? and what is a sports hero. I found the chapter very confusing when the authors were trying to explain what a myth was. They tried to mix Greek mythology and modern day sports and it really didn’t flow to well. Other than giving the exact definition of a myth, i found that section a little out there in terms of comparing myths and sports. As for rituals the first thing that comes to mind to me is all the fan rituals for everyone’s very team. Sports fans know what im talking about. Chants, fight songs, 7th inning stretch etc, the list goes on and on. Or maybe when you hear rituals you think of the players in pre game or in game rituals. The chapter and i saw pretty eye to eye on that one. As for sports heroes, thats pretty self explanatory. Sports heros come in all shapes in sizes, it differs for every fan. Usually its the star player, but often times fans have their favorites and look up and idolize them. All professional sports players could be considered heroes.  Or a hero could be born out of a big moment on a big stage. The term sports hero is very broad. The chapter concludes that sports depend on mythology , i dont think thats true. Sports depend on heroes. Thats what brings people to the games, thats what gets the generation involved in a sport. Myths dont sell tickets, players do, and those players go down in history and are remembered for ever, as real people who lived not some myth.

Chapter 2 Reflection

Chapter two is entitled Community In Sport. It discusses the relationship sports have on everyday society. It reflects on the viewpoints and impacts of the players, coaches , media , and the fans. Each entity has a major impact on sports and society. The chapter gives the reader insight on these roles and how each one effects the other. The chapter also talks about the different levels of sports throughout society, from the pro level all the way back to little league and even the leisure level. Sports dont have to be professional in nature to impact society, any time ball is thrown or kicked is a type of culture. The chapter also talks on how the media and the different jobs within the media affect the sport and its fans. Media is responsible for informing people about the , analyzing , broadcasting, and much more. Sports would be nothing without the media. In fact the growth of sports is a direct result of the growth in sports media. The more media coverage the bigger the sport will become. The bigger the sport the more fans there will be, and as the fans grow the media will grow. Everything has a direct correlation impacting the other, like a endless cycle. The success of each depends on the other. Evidence of this today can be seen in the huge success of professional sports and sports media outlets. This can be contributed to the high number of sports fans in the world today.

Reflection of CH 1

Chapter one shows us that sports are so much bigger than any one person or team. Sports have bigger impacts on society then people think.One game is effected by the players , but the results of that game impact  cities, states and even countries. Their is no stage to big for sports. This stage and the media that projects it can bring people together or tare them apart. Sports are a symbol of unity in today society. everyone can come together as fans and as equals. It doesn’t matter if you are the president of the United States or a janitor.

Media especially sports media have a major impact on society. The media outlet can manipulate viewers by only presenting the news they want to present and showing it in the manor they want. That being said not all sports media outlets were created equal. Some mix sports with politics, some cover only regional sports or certain sports , some cater to specific audiences. None are the same. But what is the same is viewers believe what they hear and societies opinions are based on what we hear from the sports media. It can be the truth or complete fabrication to increase views and interest. Usually its somewhere in between. Sports media today has become very political in order to increase its ratings (ESPN) but the truth is we just want to hear about SPORTS, if we wanted politics we’d watch the news.

About Me

My name is Max Holton. I am a senior History and Political Science Major at Piedmont College, I’m from Canton Georgia, was born in Atlanta and have lived in in Georgia my whole life. Sports have always been a big part of my life. Growing up i played football and baseball. I played baseball for a little bit at school but now i am enjoying  an early retirement.  Now i spend most of my free time in the outdoors hunting and fishing or playing golf. I also enjoy snow skiing.

Though I don’t play sports anymore , i still am and always will be a huge sports fan.  I love Atalanta sports, and the Georgia Bulldawgs. That being said i am for as ironic as it may sound also a Patriots fan as i have been my whole so none can call me a bandwagoner. Super Bowl 51 ( of which i was in attendance) made it quite controversial to be a fan of both teams but it doesn’t bother me because half the people who talk trash to me are bandwagon Atalanta fans who have never been to game and i’ve been going to games my whole life.

Attending sporting events is definitely something i love to do and do a lot. Some of my favorite memories with my family have been the stands of a stadium or dome.  Things ill never forget like , playing a round at pebble beach, seeing the last out at turner field and the first pitch at Suntrust park. Watching a game on top of the green monster and being able to experience my first Superbowl. I’ve been lucky and look forward to many more sports memories come. ( Like tomorrow, Go Dawgs)