Chapter 15: Sports Gaming

Sports gaming is relatively new when it comes to the fantasy aspect. The oldest fantasy football league in the world, Coach the Pros, will draft players for their 43rd season this fall. Many people have lost a lot of money playing online fantasy sports, particularly with the advent of daily fantasy sports hubs like DraftKings and FanDuel. The executives of these companies state that the product they put out is an entertainment service, and that it is not a gambling website. These executives claim that is skill, not luck, that determines whether you win or lose. While having knowledge of the sport and players definitely helps, there is still an abundance of luck involved. Putting money on players and games that you have no control over is a dangerous way to dig a deep hole for yourself financially.

Sports video games have taken off recently. NBA 2k, FIFA, Madden and NHL franchise games all do extremely well, and each franchise releases a new addition every year. The NCAA had released both college football and basketball games in partnership with EA Sports, but after players filed lawsuits for not receiving compensation for their likeness being on the game, the NCAA stopped the production of these games. As stated in the book, three of the top 10 video games in 2012 were sports video games. This is a wildly popular market, and it continues to grow as the market continues to grow.

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